North County Musician Wins Chautauqua’s Got Talent

JAMESTOWN – A north county musician was named winner of 2018’s Chautauqua’s Got Talent Monday night at the Spire Theater.
Twenty-three-year-old Dylan Carlson, who participated in the annual contest for many years, burst into tears when he heard the results.
Carlson said, this year, he did more than perform. He put his heart into the competition.
“I put so much of my emotion into it rather than focusing so much on the vocals, so much on the piano,” said Carlson. “I just wanted to make sure that I would be completely happy with it.”
“This year had the most determined, talented, most dedicated (people) ever,” added Carlson. “Which is crazy, because some of them are twelve, thirteen years old.”
Carlson plans on going back to school this fall and looks forward to continuing his music career.