Theater Owner Is Driven To Make Local Art Scene Great

JAMESTOWN – The owner of the popular and rejuvenated Spire Theater claims supporting local art can kick-start a community’s economy by attracting developers and other professionals.
Angelo Guiffre, spoke passionately about his involvement with the city’s arts scene right after his band rocked the Wintergarden Plaza downtown for Third Thursday hosted by¬†Active Artists Alliance (AAAlliance).
“Having a local band perform in a local venue as opposed to somebody that performs nationally, like Shanai Twain, can have positive outcomes for the economy.” said Guiffre. “If a local band is getting paid in their community, then the artist(s) will probably reinvest that money back into the local economy,” said Guiffre.
He pointed out that the successful, free concert series that he performed in had a positive impact on the local business it was held next to.
Guiffre said the other positive affect of local art events is the morale and character it builds in artists and those that support them.
“I wont say any names, but we have a contestant who came to season one of Chautauqua’s Got Talent almost ten years ago, and this singer really was very green and was too shy to even look at the audience,” Guiffre said. “To see how this artist has grown and has an immense following who just steals the show every night, is something very cool.”
Guiffre said that the Spire Theater, located at 317 E 3rd St., is now being included in discussions that may enable his organization to have access to public funding that they can use to upgrade the theater and continue to provide hyperlocal community programming.