JPS Teacher’s Resignation Accepted During Special Board Meeting

JAMESTOWN – The Jamestown Board of Education voted unanimously to accept the resignation of teacher Scott Lumia effective Dec. 4th during a special board meeting Friday afternoon. 
When asked about the specifics of a separation agreement, Superintendent Bret Apthorpe declined to comment. Apthorpe cited the issue as a “personnel matter.” Apthorpe also declined to comment when asked the reasoning of Lumia’s resignation, and he also declined comment when asked if the issue involved law enforcement.
“I can’t comment, specifically, on Mr. Lumia’s situation because it’s a personnel matter,” Apthorpe said. “What I can say, though, is that this school board takes the welfare and safety of our students very seriously. If, at anytime, that there’s a question that students’ welfare may be at risk, the board has made it very clear that decisive, assertive action be taken.”
WNYNewsNow asked Apthorpe if there was ever a question regarding the well being of students in regards to the personnel matter. Apthorpe, again, declined comment, but said that he is aware of various rumors on social media.
“As I said previously, I can’t speak to any personnel issue, but I’m also aware of the things that are out there on social media,” Apthorpe said. “I think it’s important for me, and I know it’s very important for the board, that the community is aware that their most important obligation is the safety and well-being of students. If, at anytime, there’s a question to that, they’re going to hold me and others accountable to make sure that we address that.”
WNYNewsNow also asked if there was any past disciplinary issues against Lumia. Apthorpe, however, declined to comment again, citing the issue as a “personnel matter.”
Apthorpe said the action the board took during the meeting, specifically, was the acceptance of the resolutions. The Superintendent said that Lumia was placed on administrative leave the Monday before Thanksgiving.