National Comedy Center Announces Grand Opening Dates

JAMESTOWN – The National Comedy Center will celebrate its grand opening in the first week of August in sync with the annual Lucille Ball Comedy Festival, according to a media release sent out on Monday morning. 

The new attraction is described as a 37,000 square foot building designed with more than 50 immersive, interactive exhibits.

The Comedy Center is estimated to cost $50 million dollars.

There has never been a national cultural institution that provides comedy the opportunity for appreciation often afforded other art forms. Culture is preserved by meaningful storytelling,” said Journey Gunderson.

“What these artists have done is important, and it should be both celebrated and contextualized, drawing connections that make the past relevant to the present. Lucille Ball understood the power of comedy, and had the vision for her hometown to become a destination for its celebration in a way that would educate, foster and inspire,” added Gunderson.

On Friday, U.S. Senator Charles Schumer announced he would introduce a resolution to the Senate that would make the National Comedy Center the official comedy center of the United States.