National Grid: Thousands Of Workers On Alert As Threat Of Destructive Weather Nears

National Grid said they are ready in anticipation of strong winds and heavy rains across Upstate New York. 
“Customers are encouraged to keep working flashlights, an extra battery-operated radio, and extra batteries on hand,” said National Grid Spokesman, Dave Bertola.
The company will have support from an additional 240 contractors from as far away as Indiana, according to information released by National Grid on Wednesday.
“With the high winds we want people to be thinking safety, said Chautauqua County Sheriff Joe Gerace. “If you see a power line on the ground, do not approach it, please call 911.”
There are already several reports of power lines down across the county and, in one case, a tree crashed into a house with a live power line attached to it.
Shortly after 11:00 am, County Dispatch told us there were eight calls in a one-hour span for weather-related issues.
If a power outage occurs, National Grid customers should call 1-800-867-5222.
For real-time power outage information, online outage reporting, and in-depth-storm safety information, visit the outage section of the company’s website.