Two Men Charged Federally Following March Raid

BUFFALO – Federal drug and weapons charges were filed on Tuesday against two men in the aftermath of a raid last month. 

Prosecutors said Tyler Craig Anderson, 27, and Robert Lincoln, 26, both of Jamestown, NY, conspired to make false statements when purchasing firearms; Anderson is charged with using a firearm in the commission of trafficking cocaine.

Ellicott Police said surveillance on Tyler  Anderson’s Willard St. Ext., residence started with complaints of heavy vehicle traffic in the neighborhood.

Police utilized confidential informants to  buy cocaine from Anderson at his residence, federal authorities said.
The complaint alleges informants advised police that Anderson was keeping an arsenal of weapons at his residence as well.
On March 9th, a raid carried out at Anderson’s residence culminated in police seizing  14 guns, ammunition, plus large amounts of cocaine and marijuana.

Prosecutors said Anderson received at least three guns from Robert Lincoln who reportedly lied on a federal application in order to obtain the guns.

A Facebook account believed to operated by Anderson allegedly suggested violence against law enforcement if there was an attempt to confiscate his guns, according to the criminal complaint.
“They’re gonna have to kill me mane [sic],” Anderson reportedly wrote.
If convicted both men face years in prison.