Warrant Pending For Person Suspected Of Killing Pit Bull

JAMESTOWN – Police say they anticipate charging a person who they believe is responsible for hanging a pit bull from a tree near the corner of Hallock and Palmer Streets. 
Information on the suspect will be released Thursday afternoon after 1 PM after the suspect is officially charged and  arraigned, according to the Jamestown Police Department.
Police are thanking the public for their assistance in this case, as they received numerous tips. They said they’ve received numerous requests of monetary donations towards a reward or a donation for the animals cause. JPD suggests that people who wish to donate contact their local SPCA directory, or contact the Pick of the Litter animal shelter in Falconer.
The dog was discovered on Monday evening shortly before 8:00 pm.
A woman who was watching our Facebook Live coverage felt compelled to pull over when she saw us in the area filming locator footage.
“I hope they catch him,” said Mary Hummerich. “If you could do that to an animal, what’s next?”
Police said they do not know what the sex of the dog is, but it is described as Pit Bull Terrier.
County Executive George Borrello said the horrific discovery of a hanged dog on Monday is a reminder that there are evil people capable of doing despicable things.
Borrello has proposed a local law that would establish an animal cruelty registry that would work very much like a sex offender registry does.
“This registry will help in the fight against animal cruelty by identifying those that have been convicted and helping to ensure that they are never allowed to own an animal again.”