Adecco Branch Manager Says 2017 Was A Good Year Job-Wise

JAMESTOWN – More than two million jobs were added in 2017 and, despite a few business closings here in Chautauqua County, job experts say it was a good year.
Adecco Branch Manager Nicole Allen says manufacturing represents one of the biggest hiring industries in the area.
“The manufacturers are what’s hitting us hard in this area, and that’s where the need is going to be,” Allen said. “With our type of positions, they may go in as a manual laborer, or just a general entry-level position, but the companies like to see how they work as a team and with our other members before they advance them into those positions.”
“People have to be open-minded to keep that in there as well.”
Allen said Adecco also has business clients that deal with office-type work, such as accounting.
Adecco, for over a half-century, has grown into a large global staffing agency. The name “Adecco” itself originated back in 1996 when two of the world’s top staffing firms, Adia and Ecco, merged. The local Adecco is located at 21 E. 3rd St., Suite 103 (Spann Building on corner of East Third and Pine Streets).