Rand Machine Products To Celebrate Grand Re-Opening

FALCONER – Rand Machine Products, located at 2072 Allen St. Ext., will celebrate a grand re-opening on Friday, October 26, according to an announcement from Premier Precision Machining. 
Premier Precision Machining previously purchases Rand Machine Products, a nearly 75-year-old company, in October 2017. Rand is a heavy participant in the defense, aerospace, industrial and commercial arenas.
A job fair will also be hosted that day between 11:00 a.m and 3 p.m. Customers, vendors, neighbors and friends, as well as job applicants, are invited.
Rand Machine Products is actively looking for Machinists, CNC Lathe & Mill Operators, Engineers, Quality Control CMM Operators & Programmers.
“When we first looked at Rand back in 2017 we saw so much potential – a highly skilled employee base, loyal customers, exceptional subcontractors – they had all the parts, they just lacked the resource to pull it all together. It has been a lot of hard work, but thanks to the team at Rand we have made significant changes and come out with an improved outlook for the future. The possibilities are exciting.” Greg Wales, Managing Partner and CFO.
“We have a talented, resilient workforce, 2nd to none. A culture of quality, team work and a fierce desire to thrive.” said Jason Ruhlman, previous owner and now Program Manager of Rand Machine Products. “We are thankful for where we are and where we are going, knowing we get to do it together!”.
Rand says that customers have already benefited from the transition.
“The new ownership has embraced new and emerging technology. We have transitioned to a fully integrated, Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) system allowing us to manage our jobs more effectively, improving productivity, increasing efficiencies, streamlining our processes and providing our customers with better, faster, and more accurate delivery times.” Rachael Hasson, Quality Control, said.
President and CEO Kurt Grimm believes the transition shows that Rand is committed to change and evolve in the industries they’re involved in.
“The changes in the last year are driven by our renewed commitment to the industries we serve and our willingness to evolve with the times to meet their changing needs,” Grimm said. “I know where Rand was and see the path Rand is on now. With the hard work and dedication of our team I am excited to see how this company is propelled into the future and those on the ride with us.”


  1. Sadly this company frowns upon applicants such as myself who are single fathers of young children..as I learned durring my interview which according to my resume I was highly qualified and possessed the skills and experience required for the posission..all looked great until the fact I was a single father who held my parenting responsibilities above making an average bassed wage..as soon as i stated due to my 3yo daughter I had obligations on the weekends and would not be available certain hours the tone of the interview became very aggressive and i felt as if by being a parent who would not sell what little time i have w my daughter to slave at a company even for overtime pay I was shunned away and comments were made directed w intent to put me down for attempting to actually be in my daughters life over the company beyond 40hrs a week…i was not hired..not called back..i was disrespected..and disregarded..fortunately i found employment for a GOOD company who appreciates my drive hard work and dedication as well as respects the single parent who is struggling to support myself and my child..FUCK RAND unless you enjoy being a slave who puts family last…that’s the type of applicant they want..they made that clear.

  2. I started working at Rand Machine 45 years ago, under the ownership of Bob Jewell. At 20 years old I was hired on the spot, with no experience, for an entry-level position. This set me on a satisfying and highly technical career path which I followed until retirement. I was always treated with respect and patience, more like family than just a clock number. I hope the new owners can instill the same lasting sense pride for an honorable trade that I hold. I wish them the best.

  3. I had terrible experience working for Rand the way they treat their employees look down on them and it started at the top with Jason. Managers are still the same new owners have no idea how they really are. Until they start over there and the “Good old Boy” group they will never have my respect

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