The Home Depot Giving $1K Bonuses To Hourly Workers; Credits Tax Reform Package

ATLANTA, GA (CNN) – Home Depot is passing some of its expected tax savings to employees.
The home improvement retailer joins other companies like Starbucks, Walmart and Disney in giving workers bonuses after the GOP lowered tax rates from 35% to 21%.
Home Depot’s orange-apron-wearing team members could see bonuses up to $1,000.
That’s only for people who have worked there for 20 years, but all hourly employees will get at least $200.00.
Home Depot stock rose point-three percent in pre-market trading.
The company has seen its share price spike more than 50% over the past twelve months.
Some retailers are also raising wages, which experts say are more meaningful than one-time bonuses
Home Depot has not announced pay raises.