Appleyard Greenway Project Underway

JAMESTOWN – Construction is underway for a new public park with green space and a basketball court along the E. 2nd St. Corridor in Jamestown.
C.O.D.E. Inc.,  the owner of many properties in the area, is working to fill a need for parks in that neighborhood.
Patrick Morris, Executive Director, CODE, Inc., said the Appleyard Greenway project is classified as one park in two different locations. He said the project fills  a void for the children of the community.
The locations for the new park include East 2nd St. (between the East Side Liquor & The Eastside Family YMCA) and 5th and 6th Streets.
The funding for the project was made possible from multiple sources.
“About $388,000 in state funds plus about $150,000 in funds from the foundations will be used,” Morris said.
The park is scheduled to be completed this fall.