Candy Land Chosen To Be Jamestown Christmas Parade Theme

JAMESTOWN – The results are in! This year’s theme for the annual Jamestown Christmas Parade set for Friday, November 30, is Candy Land!
Last month community members voted in an online poll on the Jamestown Renaissance Corporation’s website to decide the theme.
Voters chose from holiday songs, Santa’s Workshop, the 12 Days of Christmas and the winning option, Candy Land.
The festivities, sponsored by The Resource Center, starts with live music at 5 p.m. near city hall.
Last year’s theme was Winter Games. You can watch the parade streamed live to our Facebook page at 6:30 p.m.

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  1. This year for candy they should each do candy bags so chrildren wont get hit with flying candy and run in to road …. Im sure someone from each float will be willing to bag them and hand them out

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