CARTS Launches All Day Passes, Facebook Page

JAMESTOWN – The Chautauqua Area Regional Transit System (CARTS) announced Monday it has launched a Facebook page and new all day passes.
“We are excited about the CARTS Facebook page, which will dramatically increase our social media presence and ability to provide updates on CARTS services,” said Brad Bentley, Department of Public Facilities Director. “Our goal is to get the message out that CARTS is a tremendous asset to Chautauqua County when it comes to affordable public transportation. The launch of the All Day Pass is the beginning of our efforts to increase awareness and utilization of CARTS.”
The CARTS Facebook page establishes an additional means for CARTS to connect with potential and current customers.
It provides a platform where we can further raise awareness about our offered transportation services, available routes, and bus fares that can help residents and visitors conveniently and affordably reach their destinations throughout Chautauqua County.
It also serves as an easy communication tool so bus users can get important updates on CARTS closings or delays.
CARTS also announced its new pilot program which gives riders the option of purchasing All Day Passes.
These passes are only for CARTS’ city fixed routes in Dunkirk and Jamestown and they allow individuals to ride the CARTS bus all day as many times as they want within one or two township zones.
All Day Passes are $6 for travel in one zone and $8 for travel in two zones. In Dunkirk, All Day Pass riders can reach destinations in Dunkirk and Fredonia; and in Jamestown riders can reach destinations in Jamestown, Falconer, Celoron, and Lakewood.
“This all-day pass is a first step in relooking and enhancing the CARTS service and making it a more convenient and accessible mass transit option for the residents and visitors of our county,” said Chautauqua County Executive George Borrello.
For more information about CARTS, visit or, or call 800-388-6534.

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  1. 6.00 for an all day pass… I can go to buffalo pay 5.00 all day pass with a bigger network of busses and also good for there light rail network for their Metro network think I’ll go for a dollar off and go to buffalo they even have 6 or 7 zones for buses and it’s still 5.00 for the whole network

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