Children’s Safety Village Receives Game Show Console

ASHVILLE – The Chautauqua County Children’s Safety Education Village recently received a custom made game show console. The gift is a Jeep Cherokee Front end to be used in traffic safety classes.
Children who attend traffic safety classes will now have the opportunity to participate in the Traffic Safety Game show. Students will split into teams and will alternate players to the sound of game show theme music. When students buzz in, the headlight will light up.
The Safety Village Officals said that children learn from first hand experinces, which is why using the console to keep them engaged is vital.
The console was provided by Dave Warren Auto Group.
The Children’s Safety Villages goal is to prevent unnecessary injuries and unfortunate fatalities of children in the community through education and first hand experience. The Safety Village is located at 2695, Rt. 394 in Ashville, next to BOCES.