Church Clock Tower Destroyed By Fire Will Be Brought Down Monday

FREDONIA – The village clock tower destroyed by fire last month at the Family Church Fredonia will be torn down Monday, June 18th. 
Village of Fredonia Police Chief Brad Meyers said in a media advisory streets around the tower will be closed from 9 a.m. to 5 p.m. for the demolition.
A copper gutter that blew off the Church landing on a nearby transformer caused a fire that destroyed the bell tower last month.
When the gutter came into contact with the transformer, the entire system became energized; once energized, the positively charged electricity searched a path to the negatively charged ground.
In the last few years, Family Church Fredonia moved into the building, spending $1.4M in renovations.
The interior of the building suffered heavy smoke and water damage as well.
The congregation setup a GoFundMe page in 2017 to help with general restorations.