City Seeks $1 Million Grant To Restore Viking Lodge

JAMESTOWN – The restoration of a downtown architectural gem is the goal behind the City of Jamestown’s efforts to obtain a $1 million Restore New York Grant, according to Vincent DeJoy, city Director of Development. 

The city is requesting the grant on behalf of developer James Schwab to restore the Viking Temple Lodge, 318 Washington St. The city is seeking the grant because municipalities must apply for the funds, not the developer, DeJoy explained.

“We have such architectural gems here, like the Viking’s building,” he said. “This is excellent for the city. It’s excellent for the taxpayers.”

If refurbished, DeJoy said Schwab wants to restore the ball room and the second level to use as meeting space.

The deadline for the application package is Dec. 14 and an answer generally takes about two months, DeJoy said.

DeJoy is seeking pictures of the Vikings Ball Room or other events with people having a good time there during its heyday. Please call at 716.483.7542 to discuss sharing photographs.