Construction Of Chadakoin Park Playground Nearing Completion

JAMESTOWN – A newly renovated playground in the City of Jamestown has finally entered the last phase of its construction.
The Jamestown Parks, Recreation & Conservation Department has announced a poured rubber surface will be installed at Chadakoin Park Playground over the next few days, which will finally complete one of the largest community build projects in the City’s history.
The funding for the renovation was made possible by KaBoom!, the Ralph C. Wilson Jr. Foundation, the Chadakoin Park Playground Project Committee and the City of Jamestown.
Park Manager John Williams said the playground remains closed to the public as it is still a construction site.
“Those who walk on the rubber surface will damage it, resulting in the entire surface needing to be redone at an enormous cost.”
A ribbon cutting will be announced at a later date to celebrate the official opening of the new playground.

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