Councilman Liuzzo Reminds Citizens Of Open, Informal Meeting

JAMESTOWN – City Councilman At-Large Andrew Liuzzo (R) is reminding citizens that he’ll be hosting an informal venue Tuesday evening from 6-8 p.m. at Love Elementary School for constituents to ask questions and voice concerns.
“I wanted to provide an informal venue to meet the constituents I represent. I invited all elected officials that have influence on our city. They are very excited about coming,” Liuzzo told WNYNewsNow Wednesday morning. “(State) Senator (Cathy) Young, (State) Assemblyman (Andy) Goodell, County Executive (George) Borrello, County Legislators from both parties and City Council members and department heads. There will not be speeches, microphone or podium.”
“It is not campaign or political. It is a unique opportunity for residents to ask questions and concerns on a one-to- one basis. The only time a group like this has been seen together is in a parade.”
Jamestown Police Chief Harry Snellings told WNYNewsNow that he plans on attending the meeting.
Liuzzo, while appearing on Aug. 2nd’s edition of NewsNow: New & Noteworthy, says that procedures and other various components of a typical meeting’s structure can often make a person hesitant to attend and voice their concerns.
“There’s kind of an intimidation factor of being into the City Council (meeting), not that it’s intended to be that way,” Liuzzo said. “You have a panel of councilpeople looking down from ideas at you, and that’s kind of a hard situation to get some interactive conversation.”
Those who address the council have five minutes to state their case, and they are required to state their address, for the record, before speaking. Liuzzo said, during a January interview, that most of the city council’s work and decision-making occurs in the work sessions, which indicates the voting and public input at regular meetings are a formality.
Liuzzo, during his on-air appearance, explained the importance of citizens voicing their concerns, and said the informal meeting will allow community members to voice their concerns without the risk of violating meeting rules.
“By talking to people, I felt that if we could offer a venue that’s informal, that doesn’t require protocol and procedure, you could just ask your elected official a question, you could maybe get a direct answer, ” Liuzzo stated.
A school supply will also coincide with the event, and Liuzzo urges those who attend to donate supplies for those who are in need.
The council’s regular voting session will be held in its chambers, located on the second floor of City Hall, on Monday, Aug. 27th at 7:30 p.m.