County Executive Believes Impending Air Service Deal Is “Unique” And “Beneficial”

JAMESTOWN – County Executive George Borrello said the opportunity to provide passenger air service for the first time in five months right here in the city has many benefits.
Over the weekend, Congressman Tom Reed’s office announced that San Francisco-based Boutique Air submitted a proposal to the U.S. Department of Transportation to provide air service to and from Chautauqua-Jamestown Airport.
“This could be something that could be a much better option for people and it will help stabilize our tax base in many ways,” said Borrello. “The idea of being able to show up 30 minutes before your flight takes off is something we should sell, we need to sell that convenience.”
Borrello said the process will take about 90 days as Boutique Air is renewing all of its Essential Air Service licenses.
Essential Air Service (EAS) is a U.S. government program enacted to guarantee that small communities in the United States, which, before deregulation, were served by certificated airlines, maintained commercial service.