Iconic Ski Resort Will Reopen This Winter

CHERRY CREEK – An iconic ski spot is making a comeback after a fire in 2011 left the lodge burnt to the ground and forced the facility to close.
Now under new ownership, Cockaigne Resort is expected to officially open this December with a brand new lodge offering a warm place for skiers to relax.
“A new lodge, (and) also a new stage will   be here and we will use that for overflow seating in the winter for skiers and snowboarders, ” said Cockaigne co-owner Isaac Gratto. “There will also be a new tubing hill and a lot of updates to all the buildings.”
Gratto is excited that the resort will now be a year round destination, with a new outdoor stage.
“The 3,000 square foot stage will have full sound and the ski scope will serve as the backdrop with seating,” explained Gratto.
Gratto said that the resort will provide the Cherry Creek community with around 50 full-time jobs. He said that the ability to be open year round is a boost to the community.
“That really is what makes a business work is the ability to be open all year round, to generate revenue all year round, and to employ people for all four seasons,” said Gratto.
Construction crews are currently fixing up the old ski lifts and erecting the new lodge. Most of the funding for the rehab was invested by Gratto and his business partners.
This weekend, the resort will have a “soft opening” of sorts, welcoming the BrewGrass Music Festival.
Cockaigne is 425 square acres with 15 slopes and will open on December 1.
To learn more about Cockaigne, visit their website.

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  1. Good news!! We have missed it as ITV was one of our stops on the way to Holiday Valley. Tough to replace the atmosphere in the original bar. Looking forward to visiting.

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