Jamestown Brewing Company Hosts Free Party; President Offers Details Of Timeline

JAMESTOWN –  The President of the Jamestown Brewing Company spoke with passion in his voice as he described what it was like to watch hundreds of people enjoy a free alley party on Saturday.
“We are very excited about the residents of Jamestown who came down, all through the power of social media,” said Jon McLellan Sr. during the party that his company hosted. “Everyone has been so very friendly and welcoming.”
The event gave the staff a chance to catch their breath as they approach the much anticipated grand opening this summer.
The company’s Head Brewer, Matt Redpath, said that his level of excitement centers on the focus the company has to keep building the brewery, which will be located at the corner of 3rd and Washington Sts.
“We just got some tanks in, everything came in nice and clean, no blemishes of any kind,” said Redpath.
He said the success of the Jamestown Brewery will come down to the customer base.
“When you implement yourself into the culture of a community, that’s when you find your niche,” said Redpath.
We asked several Jamestown Brewing Company employees if they’ve had a chance to appreciate the long journey of taking this concept and turning it into reality; everyone one of them, including Redpath, told us that there’s more work that needs to be done in order to achieve that piece of mind.
“Once everything is done and we’re up and running, that’s when we’ll sit back with a sigh of relief and say we got this off of the ground,” he said.
Inside the Jamestown Brewing Company, there ‘s still quite a bit of work to do in a relatively short amount of time
“We have yet to pour the concrete pad that the tanks will sit on,” said McLellan Sr. “That’s going to happen on Tuesday. After that cures, we’ll get the floor sealed, and that has to sit for 20 days.”
McLellan said once the concrete, sealing and the plumbing are in place, the tanks will come in.
“That will be a big event,” McLellan said. “We will have to take out the front windows and move the tanks in and lower them into the ground.”
Many of the attendees we spoke with said Saturday’s family-friendly event gave them a great first impression of the Jamestown Brewing Company.