Jefferson Middle School Students Hold Gathering To Honor Local Veterans

JAMESTOWN-Jefferson Middle School fifth-graders from Gina Hess’ and Ruth Kriese’s classrooms recently held a gathering to honor local veterans.

Students served veterans dessert and beverages and entertained them with songs, poems and stories to thank them for their service. Army Vietnam veteran, Oscar Delvalle, brought a special map of Vietnam in to sixth grader, Allie Caldwell, who talked with him last year when she was a fifth grader.

“Mr. Delvalle talked to me last year about Vietnam and where he was in the war and said that he would bring in a map to show me,” said Allie. “I couldn’t believe it when he brought it to me this year. I got tears in my eyes that he would think of that and our talk and remember to do that for me. I appreciate our veterans so much and what they have done for our country.”

The Veterans Day Celebration is an annual tradition at Jefferson Middle School that has lasted over 16 years. The celebration is something that both the students and veterans really love.

“We feel it is important for students to hear real-life experiences as to why this holiday is significant,” said Mrs. Hess. “In addition, students get to celebrate the sacrifices that veterans have made for our freedom.  Hopefully, they will think of the connections they’ve made with these soldiers for all future Veterans’ Days to come.”

In addition to dessert, students presented a history of Veterans Day, read poems about veterans and sang a song. Each veteran stood to tell the students more about which branch of the military they served in and what it was like to serve their country. Students also had the opportunity to ask the veterans questions.