Local Artist With A Mission To Help Cleanup Jamestown

JAMESTOWN – A mural meant to cover up graffiti downtown is getting a lot of attention on social media.
Local artist 23-year-old Justin Dombroski posted before and after photos of a old smoke stack in Downtown Jamestown that he transformed into a work of art.
“I just figured it needed to be something big that people could see from the streets,” explained Dombroski. “Elephants are huge, it’s a massive creature, so I tried to paint it as close to life size as I could.”
Previously, the smoke stack was home to a lot of spray painted graffiti.
Dombroski wants building owners downtown to know that he’d like to paint murals throughout the downtown area on old structures to help redecorate the city.
The artist said, ever since he was a little boy, art played a huge role in his life.
“As I grew up, both my parents were artists,” said Dombroski. “My father passed away about two years ago and that is what really sparked it in me.”
Dombroski hopes to one day be a professional tattoo artist and open his own shop.
Anyone interested in contracting Justin can connect with him on Facebook or visit his 2nd Street business Twisted Custom Designs.
When asked if he would need anything from the community to help his effort, Dombroski said only paint.
“If you do what you love, it is not work,” said Dombroski.

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  1. Alot of us artist like me want to paint over the bad graffiti but have no clue where to even start with who to talk to to get permission. We need a free graffiti area for artist like us to be free and show our work.

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