Moonbrook Country Club Manager Shows Students Proper Dining Etiquette

JAMESTOWN – Moonbrook Country Club Manager Bruce Stanton recently instructed students on proper dining etiquette while enjoying a fine dining experience. 
“You will see how the silverware is on the table and how you have a plate in front of you. The forks are always to your left and the knife and spoon to the right. You have a soup spoon on your very right hand side and that’s the spoon you will use to eat your soup today,” Stanton told students.
Washington Middle School teachers, Tommy Tantillo, Lori Messina, Sara Joly, Danielle Ellis and John Liscandro thought that a field trip to the country club to experience fine dining while also learning about job opportunities would be a good fit.
“We decided that it would be a good idea to get the kids familiar with social skills that can help them be successful in the real world,” said  Tantillo. “We touch on these every day but to get them out of school and into a fine dining experience where they can actually use the skills is such a great, real-life opportunity for them.”
Tantillo is a member at Moonbrook Country Club and he approached Mr. Stanton to see if they would be interested in hosting the students. They thought it was a great idea.
“What a great opportunity for Moonbrook to be a part of the community and bring the young kids in and talk about being a member of a country club and be in a private dining setting,” said Stanton. “They have done great. They arrived dressed up and in ties and you can tell they are very excited about the experience.”
“We came here to learn how to be a gentleman and what a gentleman does,” said Washington Middle School fifth grader Julian Milk. “I was really excited to come today because I really want to learn how to eat out and be a gentleman when I do it.”