Popular Local Reporter Announces Departure From Post Journal

JAMESTOWN – A mainstay in the city’s media coverage of the entertainment and cultural scene is moving on from his beat at The Post-Journal.  
Gavin Paterniti made the announcement on his personal Facebook on Thursday.
“Big news, y’all! I’m leaving the P-J at the end of the month,” posted Paterniti. “Normally I wouldn’t feel inclined to share this kind of thing on such a grand scale but I know this will have at least a light impact on a handful of local organizations and entities both public and private.”
In today’s article, Paterniti hinted about his next move but didn’t fully disclose where he was going.
“Now that opportunity has come, and, with a tinge of sadness, I am going to pursue it, Paterniti wrote. “Don’t get me wrong, I don’t feel like the decision I’m making is the wrong one. But I have sat at this same desk for the past 67 months, hammering out regular columns (this is my 212th consecutive column, by the way) along with a plethora of other stories on a weekly basis.”
Paterniti’s last day at the paper will be May 25th, according to an article published in today’s edition. His last article will be published on May 24th, according to the paper.