Safe Home Sought For Storied Paintings Seized By Duke

JAMESTOWN – An investor who returned seven prestigious paintings to their original home after winning them at an auction said  the paintings are in need of a permanent resting place. 
Maryland Developer, Arnold Duke, who made quite a splash when he purchased the Key Bank Building last year, made the proclamation at a free, public show held Friday in the latest building he’s purchased at 201 N. Main St.
“I love history and I hate to see things leave,” said Duke. “I’m thrilled to see how ecstatic some people are about the return of this artwork.”
Duke said the process to get the paintings back to the City of Jamestown was a difficult one.
“Well, first we had to bid on the paintings in New York City,” Duke said. “Then we had to ship them, and it was an extensive process.”
The paintings are old and need special attention and care in transport.
“These are hundred-year-old frames and the artwork is beautiful,” said Duke.
“It (paintings) needs to be protected and it needs to be in Jamestown,” he added.
Duke is holding a family event on Saturday at 201 N.Main St from 11:00 – 5:00 pm.
The free event will feature art, gems, fossils, and activities for children.

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  1. How about the Fenton Museum or the Prendergast Library (this last with the proviso that they cannot be sold).

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