Show Starring Celoron Restaurant Owner Debuts On Facebook Live; Dubbed First-Of-Its Kind

JAMESTOWN – A show conceptualized by WNY News Now in collaboration with a local restaurant owner debuted on Friday night via Facebook Live. 
Dining with Donna, originally designed as a production to air from our downtown studios, was filmed live in Donna Germain’s Celoron restaurant, The Main Landing.
The idea of the show is to tell the story of how a successful local restaurant owner uses certain principles to keep her customers coming back.
“Germain’s witty humor in tandem with her professional experience keeps her guests entertained and her staff alert and attentive,” said WNYNewsNow News Director, Ryan Hedrick.
The Main Landing has earned a reputation for freshness and prompt service, two things that Germain said she takes pride in.
“The production thus far has been good, but the decision to take the show  on the road really brings out an important element in Dining With Donna,” said Executive Producer Justin Gould. “Donna is a leader, that’s evident during the show.”
“The popularity of Facebook Live is an important component that makes Dining With Donna a must-watch,” said Gould. “The show offers viewers a chance to comment in real-time. In reading through the numerous comments, it’s obvious the Main Landing is very popular.”
According to Facebook analytics, the viewing audience jumped by three percent as compared to last month’s episode produced with Germain hosting the show from our studio.
“Friday’s episode is a true testimony to  how our community continues to invest in a small business owner who has invested so much time and effort into a product that she’s proud of,” said Managing News Editor, Matt Hummel.
The Main Landing is a unique restaurant situated in Holiday Harbor.
For more information or to make reservations call (716) 720-5588.