Thirty Years Of After Prom Highlighted Saturday

FALCONER – For the past thirty years, the Falconer Community rallied around an event that keeps kids off the streets and safe following senior prom.
School nurse and ‘after-prom’ coordinator Rosie Digirolamo said Falconer Central School is the only school in the county that hosted an after-prom party for thirty consecutive years.
“If it was not for the community, we would not be able to have an after-prom party,” Digirolamo said. “It takes all hands on deck, and the community is just awesome with helping and donating.”
The after-prom party gives students a safe place to go following prom, and a drug and alcohol-free place to party.
Digirolamo said kids love the event that has grown from small beginnings when it premiered in 1988.
“Some of the highlights is the casino where students earn ‘funny money’ to buy prizes,” explained Digirolamo. “Food is always a huge highlight too, we have ice cream donated by Falconer Rotary, popcorn donated by Falconer Kiwanis.”
The event went from around midnight to the early morning hours. Digirolamo said, afterwards, students just go home because they are tired.
Back in 1988, Karen Dustin was a student at Falconer Central. Today, she is one of many parent volunteers giving back to their community.
“I’ve tried to explain it to parents around the county and they are just beyond belief that so much goes into it,” Dustin said. “The kids walk away with so much from prizes, games and the food.”
Dustin said that back in 1988, students needed an alternative from going out and partying, driving home drunk and maybe not making it there.
“Before after prom, there was nothing to do so you went to somebody’s house and partied or you went somewhere and partied,” Dustin said.
Dustin said this event is a relief to parents since students can not leave the event without parents knowing.
This year’s Mardi Gras theme drew hundreds of students to their party Saturday.
Digirolamo wants to thank the community for their support of this event and hope to see the tradition continue for another thirty years.