Alleged Cocaine Trafficker’s Sister-In-Law Arrested

JAMESTOWN-The EX sister-in-law of alleged cocaine trafficker Odessin “Reese” McBride was arrested Thursday after police seized at least five ounces of cocaine during a raid of 248 Buffalo St. according to Jamestown Police Chief Harry Snellings.

Brandy McBride, age unknown, was reportedly arrested. The raid occurred just blocks away from Washington Middle School.

Snellings said the raid wasn’t connected to the investigation against Odessin McBride.

WNYNewsNow will continue to learn more.

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  1. So explain to me how it is in ANY way relevant that she is Odessins “ex sister in law” even though it’s clearly stated in this article that the two cases are unrelated? Are we hurting that terribly for something to report? Smh!

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