Antifa Takes Credit For Attack On Molinaro’s NYC Headquarters, Molinaro Calls For Civility

NEW YORK – The group Antifa is taking credit for an overnight attack on the Manhattan headquarters of Republican Gubernatorial Candidate Marc Molinaro, who called for civility after the attack.
On Twitter Friday morning, Molinaro called out Gov. Andrew Cuomo for a lack of civility in the campaign.
“My New York State headquarters attacked last night. Broken windows, spray paint, threatening message. Stop this now @NYGovCuomo. We demand civility,” Molinaro tweeted.

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Molinaro said the “rank vandalism is unacceptable and called on Cuomo to denounce the attack on the historic building. As of Friday afternoon, Cuomo had not released a reaction to the attack.
“Last night one of our state headquarter buildings was attacked by radical leftists who smashed windows, spray painted our door, glued our locks, and left a threatening note behind,” Molinaro said.
“The building on East 83rd Street in Manhattan is the proud home of The Metropolitan Republican Club, an institution founded by supporters of Theodore Roosevelt in 1902. U.S. Presidents, Supreme Court justices, senators, congressman, and state officials have called “The Met Club” home for more than 100 years. Mayor Fiorello LaGuardia was a member of the club and announced his candidacy from its first floor ballroom, as did Mayor Rudy Giuliani in 1989. Mayor Mike Bloomberg was a member, as were Governors Nelson Rockefeller and George Pataki.
“This type of political violence and rank vandalism is unacceptable, and I call on New York Governor Andrew Cuomo to condemn this attack immediately and call for calm on the political left. We are one nation and one state. We must not revert to violence under any circumstances.”
The attackers left a long message with more threats.
“Tonight, we put the Republican Party on notice, in defiance to the policy of mass misery. They have championed.
“The U.S. government has established concentration camps around the country for Latino people, shamelessly murdering black people, and continues its war machine that has slaughtered Muslim people with impunity for decades. The so-called “Land of the Free” leads the world in incarceration rates per capita, all the while profiteering in the new plantation within the prison walls.
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“While these atrocities persist unabated the Metropolitan Republican Club chose to invite a hipster fascist clown to dance for them, content to revel in their treachery against humanity. The Republican Party joined by their spineless partners in crime, the Democrats institute a policy of domestic and foreign terror felt the world over.
Our attack is merely a beginning. We are not passive, we are not civil, and we will not apologize. Those of good conscience and clear mind know this state of oppression cannot remain. The US fascist political system is one of the most savage institutions in history and we will combat it relentlessly until all are free of American barbarism.”