Authorities Investigate Alleged Food Stamp Fraud

JAMESTOWN-Agencies locally and federally are investigating alleged food stamp fraud after raiding Fresh Cut Meats & More at 631 Newland Ave. Tuesday.

Police Chief Harry Snellings told WNYNewsNow they served a search warrant on the store.

Snellings said the U.S. Department of Agriculture is leading the ongoing investigation with assistance from the Jamestown Metro Drug Task Force and New York State Police CNET team.

As of 11 AM Tuesday the store front remains closed.


  1. Well if they by chance stay open they will more than likely be required to get a cash register with a scanner. They just type the prices in lol I wonder how long they have gotten away with this. You can buy anything in the store with food stamps.

  2. That is why food stamps fokes should have to show receipts from the stores they get it from and must not get name brand stuff they should have to look for the cheapest way that’s what working fokes have to do, It pisses me off when I have to buy store brands and then there are a.women with 2 carts of name brand stuff and they have a bunch of kids all dirty and runny noses to hell with that make them work for it and if the stores are catering to them and let them buy everything with food stamps then close there ass down!!!!

  3. Oh that’s so sad. I love that store. Pickled herring and korv and all their subs, etc are so good. We need a good store like that in Jamestown. I’m so upset to hear this.

  4. Nothing pisses me off more than people buying beer with foodstamps. If you want to create a society of losers, that’s the quickest way.

  5. You glad that a family business got raided why bc you mad that unk wouldn’t sell you nothing on food stamps besides food… So now you wanna run his name threw the mud… Get a life… You mad bc he’s successful and you bumming it in a relatives basement… He aint do nothing illegal… He’s a good man with a bug heart… So watch your mouth about something you dont know nothing about….

  6. Know what. Food stamps help family’s cause food is another 400 dollar bill that alot of poor family’s can’t afford. No people should not be using there food stamps wrong but guess what. People do and want to know another thing? People on food stamps have jobs aswe’ll so u aren’t the only person working. U just happen to have a job that not minimum wage an from the sounds of it. U don’t have kids either so keep your mouth closed

  7. So what, hater! Awesome store and food for us working people. If your boyfriend was a welfare rat I’m sure your a bottom feeder too.

  8. Tax dollars hard at work. How many years did it take the cops to figure that one out? Wow… The cop car cost more than the beer people bought. Big bust, soooo proud.

  9. Lol…. this is the most ignorant statement I’ve ever seen… lol… only store brand stuff huh? And working people don’t get food stamps??? Yes, a lot of them do in fact… you sound ridiculous! And learn proper grammar! There is a place, not an expression of possession… lol… and it’s folks, not ‘fokes’…ohhhh boy…

  10. Why are you glad michelle?? This is the thanKS you give to your local small business ..all the large corporations get away with worst..I bet you didn’t complain when he was letting your boyfriend do the shit when you were with him..negative ass people in jamestown stupid.

  11. my cousin used to get beer and smokes with her FS card when she had no cash – this is not hear say

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