Authorities To Perform DWI Crackdown St. Patrick’s Day Weekend

CHAUTAUQUA COUNTY-County police agencies will take part in the state’s STOP-DWI Enforcement Crackdown St. Patrick’s Day Weekend (March 17th-19th) according to Sheriff Joseph Gerace. 

Gerace said officers will work together to prevent driving-impaired injuries and accidents, with special emphasis on driving while impaired by drugs or alcohol.

“Removing intoxicated drivers from Chautauqua County roadways is one of our top priorities,” Gerace said. “If you choose to drink, don’t drive. Drunk drivers not only put themselves in danger, they threaten everyone who shares the roadway with them.”

The event is funded by a 2016-17 grant from the Governor’s Traffic Safety Committee as part of a national crackdown effort per Gerace. The Sheriff said future crackdowns will occur around holidays like Memorial Day and Fourth of July.

The county’s STOP-DWI Program is funded by drinking and driving fines collected from convicted drunk drivers according to Gerace.


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  1. I once was in court for a registration sticker (that was in the house and I didn’t put it on the windshield yet).. the court room was packed. As I sat there I realised that 99% of them were there for DWIs but what really shocked me was it wasn’t young kids it was people around my age. How very sad it would be for any of them if they took another one’s life while driving under the influcence.

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