Bear Lake Man Charged With Marijuana Possession

NIOBE Р Christopher Vantassel, 44, of Bear Lake, PA, was charged Tuesday by Jamestown-based New York State Police with Unlawful Possession of Marijuana, following a traffic stop.
Police said Vantassel was pulled over on Niobe Road, Niobe, for allegedly not wearing his seatbelt and having an expired registration. While speaking to Vantassel, the Troopers observed a bag of marijuana in plain view inside the vehicle and arrested Vantassel, who was issued an appearance ticket and traffic tickets and is scheduled to appear in the town of Harmony Court next month.

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  1. Oh gee oh no. Not marijuana. Such an evil person. (Sarcasm)
    Marijuana possession should not be a crime. Only in the US is marijuana & it’s users crucified for possessing it, processing it, or smoking it.
    Marijuana laws are a financial gimmick created by our government to bring in revenue.
    I’ve been around marijuana my whole life and I’ve never seen an overdose, never seen it ruin anyone’s life, never seen violence as a result of it’s usage. The plant grows all over the Earth & is used by many for cancer treatment, pain, anxiety, seizure prevention, preventing tremors in people, etc.
    The federal government scheduling it as a Schedule 1 drug with no medical purposes is a mockery to our justice system and our scientific research. It obviously has medical uses which are very apparent for those using it. This needs to removed from the Schedule 1 tier and legalized so our great nation can better confront it’s growing opiod crisis with all resources available.

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