Buffalo Man Dies After Motorcycle Accident

HANOVER-A 60-year-old Buffalo man died Monday after he was struck while riding his motorcycle on Rt. 20 according to the Sheriff’s Office.

Michael P. Shoemaker was Starflighted to ECMC Hospital in Buffalo shortly after 4:30 PM where he was pronounced deceased.

Tammy L. Mays, 48, of Silver Creek, was issued a traffic ticket for failing to yield to right of way at a stop sign.

Mays will appear in the Town of Hanover Court at a later date.

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  1. So this woman fails to yield at a stop sign, KILLS a man and is getting a ticket? Tell ya what, put her standing in that intersection. I will blow that stop sign, crush her organs and say sorry heres $100 plus $50 surcharge. He was a friend to all, newlywed, loving grandfather,father and my best friend. What are we teaching if you can get away with murder. Michael Shoemaker was not in any way a violent man. More like an under cover Santa Claus on two wheels.If you think this girl is “innocent” even though her negligance killed a man and broke the hearts of thousands, I would love to hear your justafication for murder.

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