6 Month-Old Boy Recovered Safe In Stolen Vehicle

UPDATE, 11:15 PM: Jamestown Police Sergeant Forester told Hedrick two women and a man have been detained with charges pending. Forester said the case was still “fresh” hence why an AMBER Alert wasn’t issued.

Forester, however, said the case was “leaning towards” an Alert.

JAMESTOWN-A child was recovered safe in a reported stolen vehicle Saturday evening near the corner of Harrison St. and Foote Ave.

Reporters Ryan Hedrick and Justin Gould stated from the scene an unidentified woman, who admitted to driving the vehicle, is in custody.

The woman reportedly told police she had no idea why she drove away with the child.

The child was reportedly reunited with its mother.

WNYNewsNow will provide more information when it becomes available.



  1. The detains about how the child was taken in the car was actually quite vague. I did not hear or read anywhere in this report where anyone said it was left alone in the car before the car was stolen or did I miss that part? Do you have additional facts to share or was that speculation at this point?

  2. Then how the F*** does someone just drive off with a child, if the child was not alone? You all need to get off the meth, pills, heroine, etc. and take care of your damn kids!!! How the hell is CPS not involved in this situation???

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