City Man Charged With Illegal Possession Of AR-15

UPDATE: According to Jamestown Police Department Captain Robert Samuelson, the gun wasn’t registered. In addition, Samuelson said the gun had three 30-round magazines, and has modifications that make it illegal to possess.

“(McCulley) was going after a group of kids who had allegedly thrown a brick at his house,” Samuelson told WNYNewsNow. “Legally owned or not, this is not a responsible gun owner.”

Samuelson said McCulley was found a block from his home. The incident originated on Price Street.

JAMESTOWN – Brendan McCulley, 25, of Jamestown, was arrested Saturday afternoon while allegedly in possession of an AR-15, according to the Jamestown Police Department.

Police said McCulley and another male were observed walking on Burr Place. The unidentified male was reportedly carrying a “long” rifle, and McCulley a gun case.

The case reportedly contained the AR-15 and multiple large capacity magazines.

McCulley was arrested and charged with second and third-degree criminal possession of a weapon. He was taken to City Jail to await arraignment.