1. It was not raided. They were trying to look for the old owner that had tied deli. Good try I was there.

  2. How about we post news instead of starting false gossip? SubZone is a wonderful, family-oriented restaurant.. and headlines like this is what ruins local businesses. I am a significant other of a family member that works here full-time, and I often work here on evenings and weekends when it is busy. There has NEVER been illegal activity in this restaurant, and the owner of the business has BIG dreams of providing Jamestown with the best subs, pizza, and more in the future. What the owner of the BUILDING does on his own time, outside of this restaurant is not in correlation with the business done with the amazing family that runs this restaurant. I hope this case is cleared up. because this family does not deserve the negative attention or correlation. Thank you.

  3. THIS WAS A CASE OF MISTAKEN IDENTITY. THEY WERE LOOKING FOR THE Owner of a deli that had closed down there several months ago. These are new owners of an entirely new business. How sad they got caught up in this other person’s problems. The current owners are nice people who make great subs.

  4. Rumor has it that Jack and Mr. Chapman have been selling cigs for a while. Seneca cigs. Oh no. Such a hard drug. Come on. Jpd should be focusing on the hard drugs not a bunch of cig sellers. Seems like there is more important problems to attend to in this town. The rodeo is in toen, how about setting up a road block/sobriety checkpoint so these loadee’s don’t kill anyone. We we’re almost hit by one last night. Of course no cops out there.

  5. Shame on JPD for making a scene like that. They should publicly apologize because now there is negative rumors will linger on about that business.

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