Coroner Confirms Death Of Shooting Victim

ERIE – Erie County P.A. Coroner Lyell P. Cook confirmed to WNYNewsNow Wednesday morning that shooting victim William Michishima has died.
Cook said Michishima was declared brain-dead yesterday and his office is preparing to work on the case.
Michishima was shot Tuesday morning in front of 114 Livingston Ave. A charge of second-degree murder is pending for 54-year-old suspect David F. Waggoner.

Michishima was taken to UPMC Chautauqua WCA Hospital then Starfligthed to UMPC in Erie, Pa., in critical condition, where he was later declared brain-dead.
Jamestown Police were assisted by Ellicott Officers and the Chautauqua County DA’s office with this investigation.
NOTE: WNYNewsNow originally spelled Michishima’s name as Machisma. We regret the error. 


  1. is this the f bastard that run him off the road in Stockton last year.. trying to kill him??? does this lowlife f drive a red van? video is going around facebook right now .. of him reporting it..

  2. Uhh that was probably a random driver being an asshole. Billy broke into this mans house once before and tried to steal the bike. He went back to complete his task after he was already warned and it cost him his life. Billy was a good kid but his decisions later in life brought him to where he’s at

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