Eight People Arrested After Police Raid 853 Prendergast Ave., Same Location As Fatal 2016 Shooting

JAMESTOWN-Eight people were arrested Thursday after police recovered more than 3/4 lb. of marijuana, $3,570 cash and other drug paraphernalia at 853 Prendergast Ave., the house where Obryan Ramos, 28, was shot to death last summer.

Jamestown Police told WNYNewsNow that the following were charged with 3rd degree Criminal Possession of Marijuana: Angel L. Ortiz-Rodriguez, 29, Elizabeth Rodriguez, 41, Steven Eliel Rodriguez, 23, Telly Ortiz Jr. and Joshua C. Stam, 23.

Three others were charged with disorderly conduct: Elieen Rodriguez, 20, Hector Montanez, 31, and Duane R. Sikes, 47. Elieen Rodriguez also faces a resisting arrest and obstructing government administration charge. Montanez faces a obstructing government administration charge as well.

Images by JPD, Duane Sikes is not pictured. All are in city jail awaiting arraignment.

Obryan Ramos was shot to death in the evening of June 17, 2016 after a dispute the previous day.

Police urge anyone with information on the sales or trafficking of illegal drugs to contact the Jamestown Metro Drug Task Force Anonymous Tip Line at 483-Tips (8477) or via the Tips 411 App.


  1. Not becs they do bad means all the ricans are the same i know some ppl they come here n do more for the town n ppl they own citicen…. I Ben here for 7 years n all i Ben doing is work never depende of govement..so all puerto ricans are not the same ty

  2. Not all Puerto Ricans are bad like these. I have friends who are Puerto Ricans and they are good people.

  3. Yes they are citizens. Puerto Rico is part of United States somehow. They get Social Securtiy in Puerto Rico but not SSI. They can come to US legally.

  4. Justice will prevail, gone but never forgotten Rip King won’t stop until every single person pays for what they did to you Manito. 06-16-16 +++++

  5. The name they have on the warrant was for a person that doesnt even live at that address, 2nd, they added a few ounces more to make it a felony. Lawyer is working on the case. And btw we are already out!

  6. Not all Ricans are bad do you people not also see the white guy? You don’t have to be a specific race or nationality to sling drugs and just to blame the Puerto Ricans is kinda bias

  7. So u had something to do with obryans death or u was just trappin out the bando when it happened

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