Falconer Drug Raid Symbolizes Shift From The Way Things Used To Be

JAMESTOWN-Police said one of the biggest cocaine busts in recent memory started with a routine traffic stop.

Jamestown Police Chief Harry Snellings told WNYNewsNow that 11.38 oz of cocaine, $21,206 in cash and a loaded handgun were recovered after police raided 19 S. Work St. Monday afternoon.

WNYNewsNow producer Justin Gould contributed to this report.


  1. Falconer Park has become a victim of this scourge as well. We witness many vehicles and or passengers that do not belong in this quiet neighborhood.

  2. So let me get this straight. Much more police enforcement and presence. New task forces assembled specifically for targeting dealers. More budget spent on eradicating drugs. Yet more drugs in the streets than ever before. And they still claim the war on drugs works? Prohibition never has, and never will work. Countries that legalized all drugs have seen drastic declines in both crime rates, and drug abuse. The United States has some of the toughest rwgulation against drugs in the world, and also some of the highest abuse rates. You can say all you want that cracking down on the crack will slow it down. But it won’t how many decades have we been at this war on drugs and now we have a heroin epidemic, and more drugs on the street than ever before. When will we wake up and treat it like the medical crisis it is instead of a legal issue. Then, and only then, will drugs dissipate. Take away the demand, you take away the dealers. As long as there is an epidemic, and a large market of addicts, two dealers will replace the one you arrest. Spend more money on help for addicts, not this massive failure and tax sinkhole we call the “war on drugs”. That war was lost long ago…

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