Federal Judge Sticks Jamestown Drug Dealer Stiff Sentence

BUFFALO- A Jamestown man was ordered to serve 10 years in federal prison on Thursday, more than two years after police seized almost 20 ounces of cocaine at his Ashville residence.

Taylor Larson, 40, Jamestown, was arrested in May of 2015 after the Drug Enforcement Administration and the Jamestown Police Department conducted a raid at his Keller Road residence.

According to a news release sent out by the U.S. Attorney’s Office in Buffalo authorities discovered hundreds of grams of cocaine on Larson’s property that day. Some of it was located in the two cars owned by Larson, but a majority (300 grams) was tucked away inside of a vacant apartment located behind the residence that police executed a search warrant on.

The investigation was part of a joint effort by the Buffalo’s DEA and the Jamestown Police.