Frewsburg Man Accused Of Using Fake $50 Bills At Local Business

ELLINGTON – A Frewsburg man is facing felony forgery charges after he allegedly used fake fifty dollar bills at a business in the Town, according to the New York State Police. 
Cory Brainard, 21, reportedly sold items to an unidentified individual where he receive the fake bills. He, then, allegedly attempted to use one of the bills at the business. Brainard reportedly signed a deposition stating that in August 2017, he sold a four-wheeler for $1,600, which he reportedly received in mostly fake $50 bills.
Since then, Brainard has allegedly been using the bills at various locations throughout the area. Brainard was charged with first degree forgery and making a punishable false written statement.
Brainard is scheduled to appear in the town of Ellington Court later in the month to answer the charges.