Frewsburg Man Nabbed For Marijuana Possession

JAMESTOWN – Coty Schauers, 21, of Frewsburg was charged with unlawful possession of marijuana after a traffic stop Sunday on Foote Avenue, according to New York State Police.
While speaking with Schauers , police said they noticed the smell of marijuana in his vehicle. Police found a container with two grams of marijuana and a pipe containing marijuana residue. Schauers was issued traffic tickets and an appearance ticket and is scheduled to appear in the City of Jamestown Court next month. 


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  1. Really?? Nabbed?? Trying to make it sound like it’s a huge amount of horrible drugs when it isn’t. Come on man!!
    It’s not a gateway drug. It’s safer than alcohol. It’s a gold mine for tax revenue in states with appropriate laws. Except backwards NY!!
    New York needs to legalize marijuana altogether, take the revenue from marijuana sales & use it to fight to opiod problem that is crippling our cities and our future generations. They deserve better and this is a proven model that works for many other states. There are very few downfalls to legalizing marijuana. The states that have are already so far ahead in terms of progress on opiod addiction & various other problems that the revenue from marijuana has brought them. Possession charges are pointless. I’m all for responsible usage of marijuana. People who operate vehicles or use it irresponsibly will still need prosecuted but from what I’ve seen those are few and far between. It’s time we adjust these ridiculous laws to match our ever changing society & today’s modern world.

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