Jamestown Man Accused of Pickpocketing, Panhandling

JAMESTOWN-A city man was arrested Wednesday after he pick-pocketed a victim at the 7-Eleven on N. Main St. according to the Jamestown Police Department. 

Gregory T. Knight, 43, was also accused of panhandling in front of a 4th street business. Knight was charged with two counts of 4th degree Grand Larceny (a Felony) and Disorderly Conduct.

The 43-year-old was remanded to Chautauqua County Jail without bail Thursday morning. Knight will appear in court Feb. 8th.




  1. This guy is always asking for money! He’s approached me several times on 2nd St. saying he’s homeless & hungry but yet I’ve seen him go into the NoePlace Apts. When I offered to buy he food he got irritated & wanted cash! This guy needs help!

  2. He wants cash because he is a heroin addict. He stole from the store i work at mutiple times till we caught him and seen he dropped a small bag of drugs a couple of times. He definitely needs help. He probably wouldn’t have a better life and more money if he stayed sober.

  3. This man came my workplace a few weeks ago, and was caught stealing. He was made to empty his pockets and came out with a crackpipe and crack. Made him throw both away. He is a repeat offender!

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