Jamestown Man Charged In Pistol-Whipping

JAMESTOWN-A city man was arrested Monday morning at Thayer St. for pistol-whipping a woman in the head during a past-tense domestic dispute according to the Jamestown Police Department.

Juan J. Tufino, Jr., 26, also allegedly bit the woman during the dispute at their Lafayette St. residence. The victim reportedly sustained physical injuries and had substantial pain.

JPD Image

Tufino, Jr. was charged 2nd degree Menacing and 3rd degree Assault.



  1. Donald trump is the president, but Jamestown will stay Jamestown pal. Got an issue with it come do something about it. Make a positive contribution to society or keep your lips sealed.

  2. Sounds like they are making a new law up, doesnt matter it all gets thrown out in this eyesore town…All tbe mayor cares about id filling his pockets and loaning grant money to his cronies..Vote tbat asswipe out. End of problem

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