Jamestown Man Charged With Criminal Mischief After Domestic Dispute

JAMESTOWN-A city man was arrested early Wednesday morning after an act of domestic violence on E. 5th St. according to the Jamestown Police Department. 

Howard McAvoy, 39, allegedly assaulted a woman physically while she was on the ground. McAvoy reportedly proceeded to smash out a bedroom window.

McAvoy was reportedly trying to retrieve his property.

He spent the night in jail and should appear in court Wednesday to answer a charge of Criminal Mischief.


  1. She should of just gave him his stuff after all it
    Is his. Problem solved. In that case she should be
    Punished as well

  2. I don’t care what kind or how much property he had there. It DOES NOT give him the right to put his hands on her in any manner. Put his piece of crap A** in jail and leave him there.

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