Jamestown Police Launch Program To Target Crime Ridden Neighborhoods

JAMESTOWN-Major crime enforcement efforts are intensifying in the Prendergast Ave. and Lakeview Ave. neighborhoods according to Jamestown Police. 

The “Targeted Enforcement Crime Deterrence” initiative was launched in 2016 by Jamestown Police Chief Harry Snellings in response to several unsolved incidents including the murder of a man who was standing on his porch last June.

“It (crime deterrence initiative) encompasses all major crimes,” said Jamestown Police Captain Robert Samuelson.

“Specifically, we’re targeting any violations of the law. It does include drug enforcement, warrant services and quality of life issues.”

Jamestown Police aren’t alone in the ongoing battle to clean up the targeted areas.

“We’re doing this with our partnering agency, the New York State Police,” Captain Samuelson said.

Samuelson didn’t expand on the state’s role with the crime deterrence initiative, but JPD has previously utilized a drug sniffing K9 officer and some undercover narcotics investigators.

The Jamestown Metro Drug Task Force, which includes the New York State Police, has carried out several drug raids in the 800 block of Prendergast Ave. within the last few weeks. Samuelson said the raids are an example of just how closely police are monitoring the area.

Police said they plan to move onto other areas of the city as circumstances change.

“We will make that decision when that time comes to move on, but right now, we are focusing our attention on the Prendergast Ave. and Lakeview Ave. areas,” Samuelson said.











  1. How about Barrows, Hazard, and Prospect? Lots of arrest possibilities there.

  2. we need help all around Jamestown but it is side at a time thank god you are doing something about this

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