Man Allegedly Confronts Deputies With Sawed-Off Shotgun

SPRINGVILLE – An unnamed man allegedly confronted multiple deputies with a sawed-off shotgun during an incident Sunday evening at the Country Fair convenience store and gas station at Route 39 and South Cascade, according to the Erie County Sheriff’s office. 
The man entered the store, and when he exited, he allegedly confronted the deputies with the gun.  The deputies reportedly gave multiple police commands to drop the gun, but the alleged assailant refused and kept advancing toward the deputies.  At this time, the deputies discharged their service pistols striking the armed subject.
The alleged assailant was taken to Erie County Medical Center where medical staff performed surgery. The Sheriff’s Office does not have an official medical status of the subject, but medical professionals stated he is expected to survive.
Sheriff Detectives, as well as members of the Crime Scene Unit and the Professional Standards Division are investigating the incident, and the Deputies who responded to the call are cooperating with investigators.
When the gunman arrived and entered the store, there were approximately twelve customers and employees at the establishment.  The Sheriff’s Office said no bystanders were injured despite the man discharging his weapon.
The gunman’s name and the identity of the Deputies are being withheld at this time as investigators continue interviewing individuals.