Man Charged After Allegedly Leaving Threatening Voicemails

NAPOLI – A Salamanca man was arrested this week after New York State Police allege he left life-threatening voice mails on the phone of one of his family members. 
Benjamin Finch, 28, was charged with second-degree aggravated harassment.
Finch was arrested, processed at the New York State Police Barracks in Jamestown and issued an appearance ticket for the Town of Napoli Court.


  1. Figures.. he set fire to our trailer that was next to his dads house. We decided to give up on the place and let the taxes go because we feared it would happen again. Curious who got the place?

  2. He has done things that alienate his family, and then says his family is crap, and can’t understand why they don’t want anything to do with him. I pray he’ll grow up some day, and be a man.

  3. Not positive but, I think the family he’s harrassing, adopted him so he could have a family! And now this ?

  4. who the hell are you and for your info i set fire to the trailer cause rusty finch and russel finch put me up to it so get your facts straight

  5. its not even my family i said anything to its my wifes so called family that miss treats her and it was towards her brother cause he threatened me first so i followed up and then he caled the cops on me so but its whats ever cause im a big boy and can take my charges like a man im not a snitch like some people are

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