Number Of Violent Crimes Is On The Rise In Chautauqua County

JAMESTOWN- The violent crimes of murder, rapes and assaults are on the rise in Chautauqua County according to the New York Division Of Criminal Justice Services. 

The period of time indicated in the report (2012-2016) shows murder, rape, and assault numbers rose significantly, especially the total number of rapes.

The state’s criminal justice division indicates 30 total rapes in 2012 and 84 in 2016. While assaults declined, murders and robbery increased as well.

Chautauqua County had a crime rate of 2,559.3 crimes per 100,000 residents. That trails only  Schenectady County, which was ranked first, Erie County ranked fourth.

The statewide average was 1,904.5 crimes per 100,000.

The data provided in the report indicates of the 249 rapes in five years, 136 of them happened in Jamestown.